Sunday, June 8, 2014


Are you going away? Need someone to take care of your dog?

You have found an excellent and professional dog sitter. I will take the best care of your dog, your loved one will be totally safe in my hands! I take only up to 2-3 dogs at a time and work from home so your dog gets 100% attention that he needs. I have a lot of experience as I have been dog sitting for a while now, have owned my own dog in the past and grew up with German Shepherds being breeded in my own home by my father!
I live right next to a dog park. I make sure that all of the dogs that stay with me get plenty of walks and plenty of exercise. My rates are very reasonable.

I also walk dogs if you live in my neighborhood.

האם אתם נוסעים ומחפשים פנסיון לכלב שלכם? מצאתם את המקום המושלם! אני רות, מטפלת כלבים מיקצועית. בביתי אני מקבלת רק 2 או 3 כלבים ביחד ונותנת 
אותם את כל הלב ואת וכל צומת לב. אני גם יוצאת את הכלב לטיול (דוגווקינג) המחירים שלי מאד סבירים 
לפרטים נוספים : 054-542-2141 
For more information please feel free to contact me! 

Phone number: 054-542-2141
Facebook: Dog Sitter Jerusalem: Your Dog's Home Away from Home

I can't wait to hear from you and welcome your dog to my home!
You can read comments below from my satisfied customers!


Here are some pictures of my happy customers, the dogs!




Ariella Lallouz said...

I brought my toy poodle to Ruth's for a week and I was very impressed. The rates are the best in jerusalem that I could find. He was only with one other dog. He came back home so happy I could tell that he got the best care.

Vivian Bacman said...

My dog is 10 years old and I have brought him to many different dog sitters. Ruth's was the best. It was clean, gave him the best care and she has the best prices.